Farmington River Quilt Project

Twenty-Four artists, some nationally recognized, created the Farmington River Quilt Project. It portrays 25 locations on the Wild and Scenic Upper Farmington River. The 50 foot long quilt is comprised of these 25 sections each measuring 24" by 21".

The quilt can be requested to be shown at your location if certain criteria are met.

  • Goodwin Dam

    Goodwin Dam

     by Rosalind Spann

  • Canal Pool

    Canal Pool

     by Mary Lachman

  • Hitchcock Chair Pool

    Hitchcock Chair Pool

     by Susan Vassallo

  • Lyman’s Rock Pool

    Lyman’s Rock Pool

     by Don Gough

  • Pipeline Pool

    Pipeline Pool

     by Theresa Bills

  • Whittemore’s Pool

    Whittemore’s Pool

     by Brandi Brown

  • Hawes Pool

    Hawes Pool

     by Yvonne Richard

  • Campground Pool

    Campground Pool

     by Mary Moonen

  • Hemlocks Pool

    Hemlocks Pool

     by Mickey Lawler

  • High Bank Rapids

    High Bank Rapids

     by Susan Cane

  • CCC Bridge

    CCC Bridge

     by Connie Slater

  • School Bus Pool

    School Bus Pool

     by Gail Eaton

  • Halfords Run

    Halfords Run

     by Nancy Benson

  • Pleasant Valley Bridge

    Pleasant Valley Bridge

    by MaryPat Leger

  • Church Pool

    Church Pool

     by Betty Warner

  • Drive-In Pool

    Drive-In Pool

     by Lori Lovley DuBow

  • Morgan Brook Pool

    Morgan Brook Pool

     by Cat Allard

  • The Greenwoods

    The Greenwoods

     by Karen Eckmeier

  • Central Riffle

    Central Riffle

     by Mary Watt

  • Ovation Pool

    Ovation Pool

     by Katherine Wadsworth

  • The Wall

    The Wall

     by MaryPat Leger

  • Black Bridge Pool

    Black Bridge Pool

     by Carol R. Eaton

  • 6 D's Run –After Snowmelt

    6 D's Run –After Snowmelt

     by Roberta Morehouse

  • Satan’s Kingdom Rapid

    Satan’s Kingdom Rapid

     by Jeanmarie Miller

  • Rainbow City Pool

    Rainbow City Pool

     by Roberta Peron