The Updated Upper Farmington River Management Plan is now available in hard copy from our office, and on-line here. Download the updated 2013 Management Plan.

Background Information

The original UFRMP calls for periodic reviews and revisions. During its latest review, members of the FRCC decided it was time to amend the plan so its language reflects the present and future as it is years after designation – and to add guidance on important factors influencing the health of the river and its users. Such new topics include: resilience to climate change, the onset and infestation of invasive species, and working cooperatively to manage recreational use to preserve the fine experience of visiting the upper Farmington River.

Since Designation

Plans for the creation and operation of the FRCC were laid out in the original plan. Since designation in 1994, the FRCC has indeed formed, operated, and followed the guidance set forth in the UFRMP. From funding for land protection such as Jones Mountain in New Hartford or Sugar Meadow Island in Barkhamsted, to streambank stabilization assistance, to grants to achieve projects like information kiosks or museum displays about the river, the FRCC has partnered with the five member towns, local organizations and government entities to pursue the goals set forth in the UFRMP.

The FRCC’s headquarters at the historic Squire’s tavern in Pleasant Valley was also established since designation and has become a place people know to come with ideas, concerns, and questions about the upper Farmington River. Please take a look at the many different projects and accomplishments achieved since 1994 on our website.

The Revision Process

In creating this 2013 update of the Upper Farmington River Management Plan, the FRCC sought to respect the intents and purposes of the original plan yet provide some revisions and additions that will make it a more timely and user-friendly document. The original introduction and much of the language of the first plan are included in this revised version – it is still a strong guiding document. The committee also determined that the 2013 plan will exist both as a published document to be utilized in-hand and an electronic version that will enable its use on the internet.

In order to do justice to the original plan, FRCC’s members were asked to review the document many times in different ways – there was also a review kick-off celebration meeting to discuss just how far the revisions should go. This determined that changing language tense, adding new important issues and accomplishments, providing more base line information, and removing outdated tasks should be the path to take. All the members of the FRCC have had a hand in its changes and have approved those changes along the way.

Intent of the Plan

The UFRMP is not a set of regulations or law. It is a stewardship guidance document approved by Congress as part of adding the upper Farmington River to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System. Therefore, FRCC follows the guidelines and operates according to its strong recommendations.

Members of the public and other partnering entities can use this document to understand the goals and objectives of the FRCC – and to acquaint themselves with some of the river’s characteristics and outstanding resources.